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Let shake thing up, together -We looking for Brand Ambassador who help us in our journey to make Indians healthier with help of fuelling healthy and Active Life Style
Earn up to 10% of commission for successful referral

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Get up to 10% commissions on successful referrals

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Terms & Conditions

1.  What is the Turboblend Brand Ambassador Program? What will be the benefits of joining it?

Brand Ambassador Program is a program run by TurboBlend that allows external content publishers to promote Turboblend products and divert traffic to Turboblend website for sales.

Turboblend Brand Ambassador can earn every time a user clicks on the affiliate links and makes a purchase from TurboBlend website. For example, if you are a content creator of a Healthy lifestyle blogs, or a Quora writer you can choose to advertise popular (precomputed) or curated products from on your blog to your customers. Your customers get quick access to our products portfolio and you make commission when your customers purchase while clicking on those links. These links can be used on social media as well as blogs or videos.

You can use affiliate links generated from dashboard on all your social media handles like Instagram posts, swipe up stories on Instagram, YouTube descriptions and even across WhatsApp!


2. Do I have to pay something to join the Brand Ambassador program?

No. Joining Turboblend Brand Ambassador is absolutely free of cost. All you have to do is fill up the form.


3. What are the criteria of being an affiliate?

If you are an individual blogger/influencer/content creator with a social media page where you can promote products, you can be a part of the program.


4. What are the criteria’s of getting approved by Turboblend Brand Ambassador?

Ensure that all your social media/blog information is true and organic and all your account information is filled out well and correctly.


5. How long will it take to get an approval of my profile?

It can take up to 1-2 weeks to get approval on your profile. A confirmation mail is sent once your profile has been approved.


6. Do my viewers get any privilege if they click on the link provided by me?

TurboBlend affiliate links redirect your viewers to the TurboBlend website, they do not get any additional benefits but all other coupons will be applicable.

Brand Ambassador Commission Structure –

  • During non-promotional days- 10% per sale on Customer Price
  • During Brand Promotion through special discount -7% per sale on customer price


7. How can I join the TurboBlend Brand Ambassador Program?

Please fill in the form for the program and send us your application. Our team will be in touch with you following the same.

Sign up and create your account using above Join now button


8. have put links on my website, how will I check if they are working? (Please update the path)

Under the reports section, there is an ‘Orders and Traffic Report’ that shows a detailed breakdown of your link. This dashboard is updated every 24-48 hours.

  • See a snapshot of your performance on a daily basis.
  • Download reports for a specific time period.


9. What if the customer returns or cancels the order?

Please note that if a customer cancels or returns an order, you will not be paid commission for it.

The commission is calculated only once the order is fully complete and successful.


10. What is the payment cycle?

We count the payment cycle from the first to last day of each month.

You will receive a detailed email with the number of orders, revenue and final commission by 15th of next month


11. What are the payment options? Can I get a cash payment?

We do not offer cash payment yet. Your payment will directly get transferred to your bank account, all we require are your bank account details, pan card and cancelled cheque.


12. If someone adds more than one product to their cart through the affiliate link, will I get paid just for the product link or everything in the cart?

Any product added to cart through the affiliate link within 48 hours will be commissioned to your Affiliate ID and you will be given commission on the total order value


13. What are the requirements to process a payment?

To process any payment, we would require your bank account details, a PAN Card as well as a cancelled cheque. If you have a GST number, we would require you to raise a GST invoice to process your payment.


14. Are the reports updated in real time?

Reports are updated every 24-48 hours.


15. I don’t have a PAN Card; can I still sign up for the program?

No, we require PAN card details to process commission payments and hence it’s a necessity.


16. How can I contact for more information on affiliate program?

You can contact our support team on for more information regarding the program