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TurboBlend is an Active-Lifestyle brand that fuels the spirit of fitness through its innovative & next-gen line of products. Our mission is to “Make Life Healthier” through easy & adaptable inventions that blend seamlessly into the lifestyle. Our motto behind creating clever technological marvels is ‘Fueling Healthy Lifestyle’.

With the pace of rapidly escalating spontaneity, the generation is always looking for intuitive & readily available options to feed their everyday chores. Be it quick snacking at your workplace or sipping canned juices to satisfy your already guilty soul, the quest for get-at-able food products makes us obese, slumpy and exposed to countless bodily diseases.

So what is the solution? Eat REAL food. Yes! It is as easy as it sounds.

Consuming fresh fruits & vegetables maintains lower blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevents some types of cancer, and lowers the risk of eye and digestive problems. 

Our passion behind the project Turboblend is to provide a Smart, Powerful, and Portable way of keeping the health routine in check without adapting to an unknown habitual regime. So if you are the one leading the trend of a cleaner & healthier lifestyle, then we’ve got you the flexibility to blend fresh juices, smoothies, protein shakes, mixed drinks, and more, anytime, anywhere!

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”Fueling Healthy Lifestyle” with help of innovative and User friendly  product and technologies for daily nutrition


“Make Every Indian’s Life Healthier”  Powered by Turboblend ! 


I was looking for an easy-to-use blender that can be carried for journeys as I travel often, and since I am a fitness freak, I always prefer to have smoothies and shakes. Turbo Blender has been an absolute value for money since it is portable and easy to charge with good built quality.


To be honest i was surprised with the product quality and the power this blender has to make smoothies on the go. You can easily use this blender for making smoothies with nuts and fruits. Even the jar quality is good as i dropped it few times and it didn't break at all.


I have bought many blenders before but the battery life has been the perennial issue among all. Turbo Blender is a power packed blender which lasts long for many blends. It is very fast and strong and looks cute to carry too. I highly recommend Turbo Blender.


Comes In 4 Different Colors